5 Lessons We MUST LEARN in Hard Times (Motivational Video) | Justin A. Gamache


Don’t Ask For Permission To Be Great (Motivational Video)

Don't Ask For Permission To Be Great, Just Be Great (Motivational Video, spoken by Lisa Nichols) FEARLESS SOUL, Inspirational Speeches for your soul.iTunes: https://goo.gl/jL3eoHSpotify: https://goo.gl/SV4NJhGooglePlay: https://goo.gl/boSuq4AmazonMP3: http://amzn.to/2xe1e0wApple Music: https://goo.gl/jL3eoH "At some point I had to stopasking can I be great,can I be brilliant,can I be ok and still be accepted.I just stopped asking permission andjust gave notice unapologetically." - Lisa... Continue Reading →

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