Plaintiff – Justin Ames-Gamache Vs Defendant – Frederic Rutberg | Justin Ames-Gamache sues Vermont for Defamation $100 Million Case!

Dear Fredric Rutberg, whilst I am trying to reach a settlement with you, I'm not admitting any part of the case or conceding or waiving any arguments or rights - so, my offers to achieve the commercial deal is without prejudice to my primary position is indeed legal and will continue to proceed as I... Continue Reading →

UPDATE 2021: Justin Ames Gamache

If anyone out there is interested??? I am also preparing for graduation... here we have my following "doctoral transcripts" from Concordia - Portland to Concordia - Chicago. Proof that I have been a straight-A student all these years... with the exception of one B+... It's okay! It says "I AM HUMAN!" I have maintained these... Continue Reading →

“you can’t win a case if you don’t believe your own shit” -Justin Ames-Gamache | Suing the state of Vermont for Defamation

If you thought it, you can UN-think it. What the fuck is THAT suppose to mean? It means that you create your own bullshit. We think something, and often times that thought has some heavy emotions attached to it and BAM! suddenly, your thought becomes your truth. Not convinced? Well, every time you think you... Continue Reading →

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