Samantha Preis – The One I Love (R.E.M. Cover) Sure Sound Sessions Subscribe to Samantha Preis Support Samantha's music: One-off donation via Paypal: Business request: Music Video by AJ Sorensen Sure Sound Recording Studio 217 Seaver Cir, Bridgeport, CT 06606, USA A House of Sam Records Production Guitar & Vocals: Samantha Preis Follow Samantha:- Continue Reading →

Here’s my story Again! | justin gamache | Justin A. Gamache, B,S., M.Ed.

As someone who at a young age has had more experience with X-rays machines... I can tell you it is not fun... you all should hear my story, if not, yay... here you go! I was born with a dislocated hip; that technically means when I was in the womb I was trying to be... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ask For Permission To Be Great (Motivational Video)

Don't Ask For Permission To Be Great, Just Be Great (Motivational Video, spoken by Lisa Nichols) FEARLESS SOUL, Inspirational Speeches for your soul.iTunes: Music: "At some point I had to stopasking can I be great,can I be brilliant,can I be ok and still be accepted.I just stopped asking permission andjust gave notice unapologetically." - Lisa... Continue Reading →

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