Are You Distracted, Or Just Avoiding The Truth? | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

We ALL suffer from being distracted. Whether that looks like losing focus on the task at hand; or stalling to make a decision; and/or operating under the illusion that doing something is the equivalent to taking action that is connected to a strategy and purpose. (Heck, I did all three in the process of writing... Continue Reading →

An Atheist has more of a right than a Priest who molest innocent children.

You never see an atheist forcing their belief down the throats of millions... But you see Catholic Priests molesting children all the time in the news, who has forced their beliefs down the throats of millions??? Out of the first few articles (below), one was acquitted for the actions they did. However, just because you... Continue Reading →

What if Lizzo's Truth Hurts was by Mumford & Sons? (ft. Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose) Download the song!→ Lizzo + Mumford & Sons + Nataly Dawn!! Of course you've always wanted to hear a Truth Hurts cover like it was folk. Um, right? A Lizzo remix, Mumford & Sons remix folk song parody with half of Pomplamoose. Ok maybe you didn't ask for it but it turned out MAGICAL.... Continue Reading →

What if Justin Bieber's Yummy was by Bruno Mars? (w/@Christopher Bill) Ali Spagnola Download the song!→ Justin Bieber's Yummy needed a remix mashup cover. Right? Maybe. I mean...Christopher Bill of the Classical Trombone channel agreed with me. So a Bruno Mars cover of Yummy Yum is what we did. A Justin Bieber Yummy remix/Bruno Mars mashup. And it is...something. Subscribe! → Like it?? Join my... Continue Reading →

Media Manipulation is REAL in Florida

How to get a topic popular in the media? Use repetitive services to manipulate your audiences to believe in something the media thinks is very important in order to distract you from what is really happening in the world. Today at 5 we will look at human trafficking, although very real, the media saw a... Continue Reading →

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