VACCINE AGENDA EXPOSED | Your Freedom is Not Coming Back "On August 15th 2016, an 88 page document was put in the federal register on communicable diseases, I'm talking about all the language we have seen, come to pass right now. This was mandated by United Nations." -Celeste Solum #MartialLaw#BloodHarvesting#SuperComputers#ConstitutionSuspended#MandatoryVaccinations#HumanizedMice#DARPAHydrogel#Nanobots #TRUTHIsNOTaTHEORY! Silent Weapons for quiet wars...

Om Ganesha Virtual Gratitude Jar - Thank You! To listen to more of our music and live sessions please check out our online community - Gather - for Mantra, Meditations, Storytelling, Ceremony and Chords. Thank you!! • Song - Composed and written by Sam Garrett & Mollie Mendoza. • Mantra - Om Gam Ganapataye... Continue Reading →

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