Spirit Science ~ Permaculture Can Save The World! | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.


Are You Distracted, Or Just Avoiding The Truth? | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

We ALL suffer from being distracted. Whether that looks like losing focus on the task at hand; or stalling to make a decision; and/or operating under the illusion that doing something is the equivalent to taking action that is connected to a strategy and purpose. (Heck, I did all three in the process of writing... Continue Reading →

Surviving 24 Hours In My Fur Room | Ali Spagnola

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJNpQ5vbckQ Use code ALISPAGNOLA10 to get 10 free meals including shipping with HelloFresh! https://bit.ly/2sIGWyE Purchase required. Here’s where to get my book for free!→http://alispagnola.com/outrageous. You watched me make a fur room in my apartment. A furry, fur room DIY video that never started a trend. Except for you all telling me to survive 24 hours... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Spirituality of The Princess Bride

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7p2ZAaP2Y4 ~ New Episodes Every Friday! ~ To celebrate the spirit of Valentines Day (with full acknowledgment of where V-Day came from), we debut our second episode of Hidden Spirituality with The Princess Bride, and the lessons of what Love truly means! Subscribe to this channel 👉 https://www.youtube.com/thespiritscie... Become an initiate of the Spirit Mysteries... Continue Reading →

Follow Your Heart Your Brain Is Stupid (THE SONG!) Official Lyric Video | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

https://videopress.com/v/jwZN5Lbw?preloadContent=metadata Follow Your Heart Your Brain Is Stupid (THE SONG!) Official Lyric Video Download or Stream the full album "HEART AND SOUL" here: https://heartandsoul.hearnow.com From the first feature album by Fearless Soul "HEART AND SOUL" Listen here: https://iamfearlesssoul.com/heart-and... More Fearless Soul you can listen to every day: iTunes: https://goo.gl/RCwnn1 Spotify: https://goo.gl/5V4xKD GooglePlay: https://goo.gl/j1WoZ2 AmazonMP3: https://geni.us/FearlessSoul... Continue Reading →

Living Above The Radar | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed

I am sure you've heard of the phrase "living below the radar" but have you ever heard about "LIVING ABOVE THE RADAR?" It means you are so far above the expectations of SOCIETY, nothing bothers you. You also don't participate with agencies who want to sell your private data to companies and you take a... Continue Reading →

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