VACCINE AGENDA EXPOSED | Your Freedom is Not Coming Back "On August 15th 2016, an 88 page document was put in the federal register on communicable diseases, I'm talking about all the language we have seen, come to pass right now. This was mandated by United Nations." -Celeste Solum #MartialLaw#BloodHarvesting#SuperComputers#ConstitutionSuspended#MandatoryVaccinations#HumanizedMice#DARPAHydrogel#Nanobots #TRUTHIsNOTaTHEORY! Silent Weapons for quiet wars...

Two Concepts of Oppression | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “oppression” as “the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control.” However, this does not mean that those subjected to unjust treatment or control are aware of it. This is an aspect of oppression that is largely missed in popular culture when we consider whether we or others are... Continue Reading →

Warrantless Wiretapping is ILLEGAL

Senator Cardin speaks against granting telecom companies immunity for wiretapping Senate To Make Warrantless Wiretapping Permanent (This is illegal and a violation of civil rights)


A man who speaks without prejudice is a man who knows his words cannot be used against him. For even though they, the ones who oppose him, will try... a man still speaks without prejudice and will continue on his journey living the freedom that is meant to be not at the privilege of those... Continue Reading →

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