Question Authority Today not Tomorrow | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.


If you want me to work an hourly job then you must know I am going to question the authority of the manager… I am going to question the store manager… I am going to question the corporate FAT CAT CEO’S! I am not going to be someone who just sits back and does what they are told, I am going to make you question your existence and ask you why you are doing the job you are doing… I am also going to make sure you remember my name in many ways… I will be imprinted in the back of your mind forever, and I will be affecting your subconscious.

You see many people are afraid to question their manager because “they just want the money” and if you don’t question anything you succeed. NO, SORRY! I am going to question you and your life, and I the manager will call me “irresponsible” because I am questioning their position.

I am at the point of my life, today, where I will question all kinds of authority… You come at me you will be question… You hurt me you will be questioned… You try to harm me in anyway you will be questioned. And of course, people will be afraid of this kind of questioning… they’ll call the one doing the questioning “dangerous” and even a “communist.”

But I am sorry, I am not the one putting lives in danger or harming the public… You are! You the Manager, the CEO of a corporation have already put the public in danger by reaping the benefits of their labor. By stealing money off the backs of your workers… And by forcing workers to take what they get or get out. I will question you in every way because of the danger you are putting your employee’s in. Now you might get your employee’s to turn on me, that’s okay, you’re not brave enough to stand up to the truth. Because you can’t handle it!

I have experience questioning the big boss many times and I will continue in the path of questioning. You can get all your authority buddies to try to make me as a crazy, but no, sorry, that won’t work on me because I’ve questioned them too. YOU’RE THE DANGER! You will always be the danger, it’s you and will always be you.

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