When I was working the dumbest jobs ever I had credit card companies and three past employers trying to take me to court. They even went above and beyond to send letters to my address (didn’t provide that information with them, nor did I opt-in to share it)… Nope, I didn’t attend those court things, NOPE! What happened??? well, let me tell you? Nothing happened. That how farse and stupid it was and didn’t mean anything. BUT NICE TRY TO THE PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO FRAME ME. lol… STUPID IDIOTS.

Sometimes I wonder if people think I am stupid, after all, I do have that expensive education (and I paid for it too)… And because of that, I was called the village idiot for picking up books and reading them, for studying, and for earning those degrees. And because I ignored their every attempt to frame and hurt me, or put something on me… They tried to hit me where it hurts financially but low and behold folks… That didn’t work either…

I will still today tell the three most enlightening words: GO F**K YOURSELF! If there is something you take from all of this, please do so… by using those three most enlightening words. I LOVE BEING A MENTOR TO EVERYONE I CAN…

Do you have to be bullied NOPE! DO YOU HAVE TO ALLOW PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE? HELL NO!! That also means enlightened people don’t have to always spread positivity… sometimes the best positivity is a huge wakeup call to people trying to hurt you is telling them to GO F**K YOURSELF!

It indeed works… Unless you know a stubborn person whose skull is so thick, but even then keep telling them to GO FUCK THEMSELVES!

I also love the fact, up until a few years ago when I got the “public information” removed from public sites they always had “scarce info” on me (and it actually said “scarce info) because they couldn’t collect anything on me. Because I don’t sign anything and I quickly OPT THE FUCK OUT!
It’s a beautiful reaction when people try to look me up now and realize they can’t find anything on me. BECAUSE I’m NOT PART OF THE CORRUPT CORPORATE SOCIETY. NOPE!

in other words, we do not have a democracy for enlightened beings… You can prick us, you put us down… but we always managed to get the FUCK BACK UP. yup…

Here’s a really stupid memory of someone trying to pin something on me… But it didn’t work.

It was located in the town of Whitingham, VT… While on the school bus ready to go home, some idiot (won’t mention any names) decides to stab herself in the leg with a pencil. And then out of the blue YELLS “Justin why did you do that to me?” and starts crying. Luckily, my older brother was there to witness what she did to herself. The Bus driver started yelling at me, and the girl’s stupid idiot brother started smacking me in the head. My older brother stepped in and what do ya know told me to stay right where I am… Of course, I will mention the bus drivers name “Almira” because she believed everything to defend the girl… AND YOU GUESSED IT, me and my lonely self just sat there in the seat… I didn’t move, I didn’t do anything… And I didn’t even talk. Even at that young age, I knew there was no point in reaction…

Now think to yourself? WHY THE HELL?? why would I do such a thing like that… Why would I stab someone in the leg with a pencil?

This is Beyond me because she was a mental case… Total and complete mental case. I also don’t know why people thought I would forget what they have done to me??? Because nope, I didn’t forget…

30 years later and people still do the same thing to me… try to pin me for some ungodly, unruly thing that they have no proof that I did anything. They try to get a reaction, but instead get a very enlightening response.
So, yeah, the ultimate truth is… I will expose anyone who continues to run down that path of oh “let’s harass Justin A. Gamache today” we haven’t done it in awhile… Please do, so I can expose you to the rest of the world… The world needs to know my story and the story I have lived with my entire life.
Yay… and the three most enlightening words too.



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