Why are people afraid of the TRUTH? | JUSTIN A. GAMACHE, B.S., M.ED.

Why are people afraid of the truth? It’s a question I always ask. You know that feeling deep inside your gut, you know it is exactly true and so you share that evidence of truth with a friend. That friend turns on you and begins laughing. Yup, that feeling! Truth is a feeling and no matter how hard you share that truth other people are so ordain to believe something else entirely and it becomes a contradiction. You experienced it, it is true, but every one believes the other guy because the other guys story sounds better.

It is like, why? Why be a part of this life at all. Should we just give up and not live anymore because there are people who just don’t want to hear it. They are set on the one side, the side of what everyone else follows. And here you are, fighting against the lies and persecution. The truth should be accepted because once it is said, you can’t find evidence to support your claim. Because it’s the truth, it’s supposed to be that way. But when a person tells a lie, that lie is accepted because for some reason there is evidence to support that lie. You ask yourself over and over, what the hell is wrong with people?

I will not ever be a person who follows the sheep… (Yes, I actually wrote that because I don’t write like other people.) I don’t follow other people and for the reason highly due to the fact is “people are really afraid of the truth.” I would rather just not be part of the lying society… This man said it so we have to believe him because his story sounds better… Less educated by the way but that is how the cookie crumbles…

 “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”—Mark Twain.

Mark Twain said it best… The lie is so widely accepted by millions than the truth’s simple life. And even in religion people think theirs is truer. Everyone has a piece of the broken mirror yet everyone thinks their piece is divine. Put that broken mirror together and you see it’s not about separating yourself from God, it’s knowing that you and God are one. That we are all one entirely huge human race of differences (uniqueness) diverse cultures of many languages and many civilizations. But we all strive for the same thing, that is to live and for hope to be the bigger carrier of what life means.

Maybe I got out of line talking about religion but in religion, and I know I am right, each religion was entirely made up to control the beliefs of others. Now I don’t know about you but that sounds more like a sheep follows sheep because the sheep know’s nothing else but to follow another sheep. And I am that person, living today, who refuses to follow and be one of the sheep. Because I know, deep down inside the truth and feel that whatever I share is worth sharing even if it confuses people. Not that I love to see people stop in their tracks but seriously, yup, it’s a great feeling.

“The truth isn’t accepted in society as much as the lie because the truth can only be told once, while the lie can be told a thousands times to make it cover up the truth.” -Justin A. Gamache

So, the truth is just better off staying with you and you do what you need to do… Other people’s opinion do not matter at this point. You will have some people think of you as a mentor and that is good, the teacher is always willing to accept new students.

Everything I said, is not just my personal opinion, but people look at this as a personal opinion and see nothing else. This is the cold hard truth and doesn’t need an explanation for it. And they’ll be afraid of it and think other unnecessary things to conform to their masters who are telling them the lie. PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH AND WE DON’T NEED EVIDENCE TO PROVE THAT. I imagine how many people will read this and laugh or better yet read this and actually agree?

We will soon find out!

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