Sea Turtles Have Hatched On A Beach Deserted Due To COVID-19 Quarantine

Usually, the beaches in Paulista, Brazil, are filled with people witnessing the magical scene where baby turtles are being born. Sadly, this year the access to the coastline was forbidden by state governor Paulo Câmara. He ordered a partial shutdown in the area. Residents are being urged to stay home in an attempt to block the spread of the virus.

Nearly a hundred baby hawksbill sea turtles broke free from their shells and took their very first steps on March 22.

Unfortunately, there was almost no one around to witness this incredible moment. Only a few government workers were lucky enough to be at the beach and capture the baby turtles making their way to the sea.

In a statement, the City Hall of Paulista says that the hatching of the eggs and the first contact of the animals with the ocean was only possible thanks to monitoring work carried out by technicians of the Urban Sustainability Center.

The WWF considers hawksbill sea turtles as a critically endangered species.

Thankfully, Brazil’s Tamar conservation project works for the restoration of the species. Additionally, the project contributes to the restorations of the olive ridley sea turtle, the loggerhead sea turtle, and the leatherback sea turtle. All four species of turtle protected by the Tamar conservation project can be found along Brazil’s coastline.

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