Coronavirus and Social Distancing… My medical fundraiser.

we have come to think of ourselves as savage beasts ruling planet earth. Why do I call humans savage beasts?

I call humans this because during the coronavirus outbreak, humans were no where near being humans. Running to the stores to buy up everything in sight, they’ll start with toilet paper just for fun…. and then they will stock pile the rest. Why be human during a crisis when you can be a savage beast, sounds a bit more like stupid selfish being’s to me. Whether or not you agree with me? Being selfish during this time is one of the worst things you can do, and now we have to stay 6 feet a part at all times. I am curious whether or not people enjoy this social distancing though and how many people will ignore that one.

I write to you today because I need you to stay 6 feet away from me not because I hate you or anything, but because my immune system right now is not all that great. 4 weeks ago I had a major surgery on my left hip, it was a total hip replacement… I’m 37 years old, I know to young right? But no, I have had this problem since birth. Pre-existing condition as you would call it. So, right now, I need as much protection as possible. And I am probably going to need that to happen for life. Sucks but I have to do what I can do to protect myself and my health is #1 priority.

Right now I am having a bit of an issue though, healthcare, although I’ve had my surgery I am currently in need of some help. And I am in search of human beings, at least for the help. Please… If there are any humans out there please help me, donate to my cause… my medical fund… please click the link: You will see pictures and all of my after surgery bandage.

I don’t like the word savage beasts and hoping to find some beautiful humans out there to help my medical cause.

thank you,

Justin A. Gamache

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