An Atheist has more of a right than a Priest who molest innocent children.

You never see an atheist forcing their belief down the throats of millions… But you see Catholic Priests molesting children all the time in the news, who has forced their beliefs down the throats of millions???

Out of the first few articles (below), one was acquitted for the actions they did. However, just because you are “acquitted” doesn’t mean your innocent.

The biggest problem with society is we are conditioned to believe certain people, that if they are a priest they are doing the work of God and if they are an atheist they are working for the devil. Who is it to force who to believe in their words than the other who doesn’t force anything but just wants to live without “religious persecution?” You know blasphemy is done more from those who are religious than who are not, but religious people are protected from blasphemy… I’d question that one because An Atheist has more of a right than a Priest who molest innocent children.

But religious persecution does not stop… when you have hate crimes committed by religious groups attacking individuals just for being different and if we’ve learned anything from history over the past decades religion does a lot of attacking. Also, if you think differently you must be a communist right? Crazy!! That the real communists are the ones putting people down just for being different, enriching their diversity, fulfilling their diverse cultures.

After all, one nut people will follow so that they are condition to believe that one nut job who claims “the one” status… But if you are truly “the one” you would not come out in public to say it. It is the condition made in society that is forcing people to believe in something over and over when there is the biggest fault of that belief, and the media shows us just how conditioned society is.

Take for example Florida (most likely a southern Republican thing)… ((and you don’t need to see this on the news)) where you have adult DVD stores and adult stores, that 200 nude strip club in Tampa, a school, and a church all on the same street. Oh and you have to vote Republican since they are all for maximizing business and guns, turning the church into a political playground, and watching your politicians use the very system they created to force their belief on you.

And lastly, I thought we were changing the way the Internet was projected in the world? Because the Internet is changing the world, yet corruption is already in the world and the Internet telling people the truth of that corruption. But Republican politicians love business, adult DVD stores or adult stores in general, and that 200 nude strip club in Tampa… all while taking dirty money to hurt the education system, and play politics in your church.

Sure it is everywhere, but in a high “republican” area it is heavily marketed as a business for them… for profit…

Final thoughts:

I support those whose thoughts are different than those who force their belief on others… After all, a true God as you will gives you the greatest freedom to see just how corrupt society really is… But you will somehow believe that one nut who forces their belief because they are “doing the work of God.”

If you really believe in God then you would stop voting your corrupt politicians in, stop allowing political pandering in your churches, stop being for business and for the people. And stop allowing “catholic priests” from molesting our innocent children.

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