People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Actually Geniuses | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

For those of you that share this trait, here are 7 reasons why talking to yourself shows you might be a genius!

Maybe you’ve heard about schizophrenic people who talk with their alter ego not being aware that is no other person around, only the products of their ill mind.

Maybe you’ve seen some academy award-winning movies in this regard, such as “Psycho” or “A Beautiful Mind”.

But talking to your(other)self is not a bad sign if your mind is healthy. On the contrary, if you are completely aware that the other voice inside your head your head is still you, but with another attitude, this can show you have a great mind struggling to achieve results.

Here are 7 reasons why you should keep taking to yourself as this shows you might be a genius, not a mental case.

1. Talking to yourself leads you to a needed conclusion

It’s already a cliché: crazy people talk to themselves… but not only them. “I’m perfectly normal, the voices told me” is just a good joke and remains only that.

In fact, talking to the voice inside your head it’s just a way to debate your own ideas, to clear your thoughts, thus getting you closer to make a choice or to draw a conclusion.

As researchers proved it, talking to yourself increases the performance of your brain; it doesn’t make you insane but focused.

It helps you setting a goal a strategy to accomplish the goal. So start talking to yourself, you have a choice to make!

2. Talking to yourself motivates you to get the job done

Last year, two psychologists published in the European Journal of Social Psychology a study on the inner speech that found that talking to you ( not “I”) also matters, as second-person self-talk (as psychologist call the act of talking to yourself) is more motivational than first-person self-talk.

Other previous studies had also found that self-talk can motivate you and help you accomplished a difficult task at work. “You can do it. Go for it!” and other motivational mantras said to yourself out loud are a strong impetus on the way to your objective.

Therefore, people who talk to themselves are more successful and thus easily climb the professional ladder.

3. You can learn faster while talking to yourself

When we are little kids, we have to listen to the voices of others in order to learn how to speak. When we grow up, we must hear our own voices in order to learn faster.

Our mental and vocal self-talk is essential in learning, as researchers have found that talking to yourself is an amazing stimulus for the brain.

The more you talk to yourself, the smarter you will be.

Moreover, self-talk increases your attention, which allows you to concentrate regardless what noises are around you. And a study showed that if you tell yourself where you put an object, you will remember easier where you put it.

So talking to yourself might improve your memory.

4. A lot of talking to yourself shows inner richness

If one’s mind is poor, what is to talk about? A lot of ideas struggling to get out of your head make you talk to yourself in the first place, which prove you are self-reliant. It’s definitely a sign of intelligence and creative thinking, not a sing of insanity.

When I read a good book, I can clearly imagine my favorite authors talking to themselves in front of the writing machine or computer in order to find the best ideas to send their messages to the world.

In this regard, talking to yourself might help you in organizing your thoughts, in finding the best idea for something you want to do. If you talk to yourself, each phase of the decision making process will become easier.

5. Talking to yourself improves your state of mind

Self-talk can take be a motivational mantra, a talk with your alter ego or inner monologue, whatever works best for you.

Repeating a mantra many times a day can change the way you feel about yourself. It really works and can make you feel better, smarter, stronger and ready to take action needed to get you where you want.

A conversation with yourself can wash away bad mood by reminding yourself that you are in control and you have the power to face any problem, even if it is hard and you are afraid.

This sort of inner monologue between two versions of you has a quick and lasting effect if you are consistent and you do it repeatedly. Regardless the method you choose, focus on the positive as the inner monologue goes both ways.

6. Talking to yourself can make you your own therapist

When you are nervous, angry or disappointed, hearing your problems spoken out loud can always calm you down.

Good therapy aims at removing stress anger and other negative feelings. Therefore self-talk is the best therapy, as no one could be more interested in your wellness then yourself!

It’s like having your own therapist anytime available.

So lie down on the couch and psychoanalyze yourself. After all, they are your problems, so who is the most qualified to solve it?

7. Inner self-talk can make you famous when you get it out

Genius people let their thought to get out in masterpieces. What if you are one of them? After all, they talked to themselves, too!

If there is a person identifying with genius par excellence, that’s Albert Einstein. And guess what?! He also used to talk to himself! And when he put his thoughts on paper, he turned from a “dyslexic” or “schizophrenic”-labeled man, talking to himself in public, into the famous scientist of the world.

In fact, most of the greatest thinkers of our world put their deepest thoughts on paper and this made them famous and admired. Don’t even want to get started on Salvador Dali!

Their inner monologues became poetry, philosophy, literature… So don’t be afraid to let your thoughts get out in a speech or on a piece of paper, this might turn you into a praised thinker of your generation.

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