Katy Perry – Wide Awake (Official)

8 years (2012) Most of us endured the adventure of a lifetime… The great spiritual awakening! End of January 31, 2020 thoughts you see clearly now how people struggle with their awakening because they are only allowed to see what they are meant to see or in some cases “what they want to see”, while the few see everything.

The election of Donald J. Trump was not a good thing but it was a thing to try to abruptly awaken the masses from the current living patterns. However, many believe that guy is the one, sent down by God but be very mindful he is not the one… but a very small piece of the puzzle that will end the ego’s life. The Donald “ego” Trump is those people’s true ego of themselves. 2021 will mark the year to either grow past the “egocentric Trump” or continue on the same path. If chosen to ensure the “Ego Trump” reigns in 2021, the people will not have learned and war will begin…

In the next few months, we will all find out! You can either be the same or change… Much of religion as we speak is dying, a breed that will cease to exist due to church corruption. It is clear to me that while corruption is being shown to us in many forms, the “ego Trump” and the “ego” of everyone will be a hard thing to let go of.

I’m still waiting for those to join me in letting political talk, religion, and the “egocentric Trump” go so we can all heal.

The question is “ARE YOU WIDE AWAKE” enough to move forward and heal?

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