Media Manipulation is REAL in Florida

How to get a topic popular in the media? Use repetitive services to manipulate your audiences to believe in something the media thinks is very important in order to distract you from what is really happening in the world.

Today at 5 we will look at human trafficking, although very real, the media saw a topic to discuss. Tonight at 7pm we will go in-depth and take a closer look at human trafficking. Tonight at 11pm we will again look at human trafficking. And then they’ll not only hit you on the media box but they’ll definitely get you on social media. Because they want you to be sensitive about a topic that rarely exists.

The only way to make a person believe something is true is to repeat the topic over and over, it sticks in your “most important subconscious mind” and as you are watching the program they’ll bombard you with TV commercial ads to manipulate you from a sensitive topic… Because of the media wanting to achieve such manipulation, they will earn thousands of dollars while you get nothing.

Something today I’ve learned about being in Florida, there is a lot of manipulation going on. from Billboards pushing ads, don’t forget to “Obey” because “Jesus will save you from your sins.” and then the awful billboard ad that declares war on Males… Have you gotten your “Vasectomy” yet? with two doctors smiling on the billboard.
And people see these ads subconsciously, they will believe them because it is repeated in their everyday life without question the very existence of why they are being manipulated.

Another look will cure it all…

Meanwhile, Florida has an overwhelming drug problem, high crime rate, and overpopulation of homeless people. Oh but wait, they won’t think twice about gambling your child’s education away with the lottery and provide a “pre-paid” program for future college students. 🤔🤔 AND make sure your child passes the FSA or HSCT or FCAT for some reason because if they don’t they won’t succeed.
But don’t worry as long as you “OBEY” your leaders everything will be okay.
this morning at 2am we continue to look at HUMAN TRAFFICKING, continuing to talk about it endlessly without actually doing anything about it.

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