80% of society is all about living in the past and thinking about the future | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

80% of society is all about living in the past and thinking about the future. Depression is formed from the aspect past and future, especially when the way of living is constantly bombarded (repetitively) forced into your life. That you have to live one way and no other ways. Chasing the American dream won’t help you that is why they call it a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. Chasing money won’t help you either even though you feel you really need it so you make it your #1 priority.

Of course, there are always therapists, doctors, psychologists who will prescribe you meds for the problem but those meds don’t solve the problem they provide a mask to hide it.

You can talk yourself out of any situation but you have to do the opposite of what everyone else does. Your #1 priority right now is life… forget about the money, the American dream, and what everyone else is doing. Forget about following others, lead yourself… tell yourself every day: I am worthy, I am free, I am healthy, I will start my day fresh… Be positive about the direction you are heading and don’t look back, don’t look forward either. The only thing you have in life right now is the present, you live every day. The past and the future will never exist.

Now take a deep breath hold for 5 seconds and let it out! That breath feels good, it means you are alive… Money and dreams will come naturally if you do not think about it, just live now… be now… because now “the present” is all you have to live for.

You must self-realize the road you are heading down!

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