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As someone who at a young age has had more experience with X-rays machines… I can tell you it is not fun… you all should hear my story, if not, yay… here you go!

I was born with a dislocated hip; that technically means when I was in the womb I was trying to be a contortionist… Maybe not. anyways, I’ve dealt with a good amount of pain in my life… does that mean I show pain on my face? No… I have a high tolerance for what I have experience… And so, when I was a baby Shriners Hospital took care of me… They had both my legs in contraction, tons of x-rays, and lots of surgeries… I hate X-rays and the radiation effects from those are ridiculous… When I was 4 years old because of the X-ray radiation my baby teeth were roton… not because of anything else, it is because I endure too much radiation. at 7 all my baby teeth were gone… And so the continued radiation from the X-rays was enough for me… LOL yeah, through my teens they still bombed with radiation… when I was 26 the did the first big surgery, oh you guessed it more radiation. After that, I had more radiation x-rays… gee thanks! Moves to Florida get bombed with bone scans, cat scans, and about 50 more radiation… Great to know they can eject radiation into your vein (bone scans)… and here I am getting the run-around!

for all of what I have been through, doctors be warned, you’re getting the massive bill… don’t worry, I will make sure I claim it on my taxes to collect the money.

Tired of explaining myself of an issue I was born with… and I am tired of people telling me I am BS-ing it because they don’t believe. I had one nurse tell me why you so worried about your health? You need to live a little, wait until your 60… Gee 🖕🖕

Patients have more rights than doctors.

here’s my story!!!

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