Don’t be the program the media wants you to be! | Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

The most searched item every day is that of violence… People are programmed to see it because of their media… It’s on the news all the time and the media knows this is a popular topic so they use you to make money… And they call it a Violent and depressing world, and people will believe this because of their media… No, it is not a violent and depressing world because the media makes it a violent and depressing world. So, people will believe everything they see on the TV (news)…

TV is a manipulatory service to entrance you into a belief that the world is bad and depressing forcing you to contact that medical ad because you might be depressed or give your money to pharmaceuticals because the world is bad and your depressed.

The news repeats itself for a reason because they know that repetition is the way to your subconscious mind. And if they can at least entrance you, they got you…

And finally, the consistent bombarding of billboards that tell you “obey, Jesus is the way” or vote, or get this medical procedure done so you don’t have to have babies but then also say having babies is the way of the future… it’s programming! A program that you’re in.. Once they got you they can do what they want and you will follow that…

Ever like a show so much and you keep watching? They know how to get you in, and again once they got you they can change your programming.

Don’t participate in the programming… It’s all fake! They created a fake world to get you to give them your money!!!

#TheMediaIsFake #FreeYourself #YoudonothavetoObey

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