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From beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill claiming that her lipsticks are “not hazardous” after people found hair and mold in them, to health and fitness YouTuber Rawvana selling a weight loss ebook for over a year while hiding that she was actually experiencing multiple health problems due to her unhealthy diet, no side of the internet is left untouched by people who care more about money and their own reputation than their viewers safety and wellbeing. // » IG: https://www.instagram.com/veganeartha… » website: https://veganearthandsoul.com » blog: https://veganearthandsoul.com/blog » email: annareid1196[at]gmail.com

Alyse was recently on GOOD MORNING AMERICA… She’s really trying to soak up the spotlight on all of this…

5 thoughts on “Why Can’t Influencers Take Accountability?| Vegan Earth & Soul

  1. I am watching Vegan Earth’s and Soul video as I type this at 3:00 AM in the morning. A liar cannot live a lie forever, and I believe that social media simply accelerated that process. Freelee the banana girl made a great video about exposing Alyse’s lies, and I honestly thought that Alyse was more trustworthy.


    1. I cannot believe I still follow Alyse?? Maybe because I’ve met her and I am kind of hoping the light will find her and not the money… The money definitely went to her head, I love Alyse and all but it is crazy… She needs to realize that for herself… did you see how she was on Good Morning America? “Being under fire for what she is doing to her followers”. These are scandalized times we are in. I’m just going to stand back and observe at this point.

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      1. At one point, I really looked up to her and felt like she had the perfect life. Yes, I agree with you. I feel like the money really got to her head. Her older videos felt a lot more genuine, like how most “influencers” were before they became famous.

        Wow! You met her in person? That’s crazy! Where did you meet her? Honestly I haven’t met any celebes in person so I can’t even imagine. I haven’t seen that interview on Good Morning America since I don’t watch much TV (I watch YouTube though). I get that Alyse wanted to change her diet and go back to eating meat. What I don’t get is how she continues to charge people money to go on her “vegan retreats” and lying to them while she was doing it. At least the truth is out now, and I guess we’ll see what happens.


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