Don’t Pay Your Student Loans | Don’t GO to College | Justin A Gamache®, B.S., M.Ed.

Unless we can change the college and university system as a whole to be free of charge and delete all student debt. There will be no good coming for students of today and tomorrow. Anyone who has attended college from 2004 till the present day there is no promise of getting a higher job because of the current economic system.

All Students were lied to that if you go to college you are guaranteed that job. But when they get their degrees get no job? They’ll get told but you don’t have experience or you’re “overqualified”… so all those years spent in college studying the field you majored didn’t do anything but keep you in the continued poverty lane of debt…

Now, word of advice. Don’t go to college, stop going to college… If you have, don’t pay your loans.

To those who have not made up your mind if you really want to gain knowledge go to the library, read books, do your own internet research, and write a book. At least the library is free and paid for by taxpayer money. Libraries are excellent tuition-free schools. Libraries are what colleges and universities should be.

Then as you are gaining free knowledge you’re working a job getting experience. Save your money, do not get a credit card… do not take a home loan out… Open a checking and savings account, get an IRA… Save your money and pay for everything with cash… I promise you that will be the smartest thing you will have ever done… Until colleges and universities become tuition-free and free for all… The libraries are the best classroom you will ever get and you get to meet people, join book clubs, writing clubs, and all the good stuff that would happen at a college.

and you can opt-out your signature at any time… Never pay for what you earned…

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