The history of social life

A Long-time ago people used to walk over to their neighbors to visit them, they’d come in for coffee and gossip about the news, and even exchange food recipes.

And then the telephone came out, it was cool to talk to your neighbors without leaving your home… People stopped seeing each other in person and when they did they would run and hide. The phone was awesome and you can call people easily, but you had to wait for the other party to get off the line. The telephone evolved to what we have today.

Now that the telephone evolution took place, people stopped communicating on it. From the telephone came the Internet and the latest big thing we used currently today. No one rarely uses the phone and caller ID is what stop them from answering the call.

The Internet… With Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, you can see people you’ve been friends with in the real world without having to talk to their face. People accepting friend requests… But the truth is, now no one hardly does that anymore… Oh no, so and so friended me… run and hide.

It seems the one thing human beings desire is being social but they want to be social without all the work. People today are too busy. You can still meet someone, get to know them, and get a friend request that way… it’s like we are going back to the old days… But old days with restriction because the government statewide created weird regulations on who you can contact with all kinds of checks and places to get the low down on a person’s personal history. As if they put their faith and beliefs in the government to save them from ourselves or maybe their waiting for that big man to come down from the sky and save us all. (Not gonna happen).

The truth is there are good people out there in the world. In fact, we all have good in all of us. We just have to put aside our differences to realize who we are and what we are meant to be. Human beings love new things and new ideas, and since 2000 technology has really kicked off… They came out with new ideas every few years and listed them as the next big thing. But now the next big thing is a phone with the same quality and a few extra looks to its cameras. Technology has halted, there is a lot of stress in government, and people want the easy way without having to do a lot of work.

America used to be great but it is far from great… Unless someone waves a magic wand over the entire of the 330 million Americans to enlighten all to put aside their differences, respect how far we’ve come, end corporate powers and business, end money altogether… Well, we’re just going to stay as we are today… The same old same old, where we are is as far as we will go because there is nothing new being made…

Don’t run and hide when someone wants to talk to you… friend them on facebook, share that youtube video with them, and follow them on Twitter… Follow them on Instagram… Have a good time people, be social, life isn’t about being busy it’s about embracing every moment…

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