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Have you ever walked in a room and felt negativity burn you so bad you had to walk back out of the room until they left? As much to tolerate a family member who has so much negativity, it burns but you tolerate them anyways because they are family. You just don’t say anything and because you are sitting there not feeding into their negativity they get mad at you… so you just keep sitting there because you want them to heal.

I’ve walked into many rooms before and walked back out because of negativity so high it burned my skin. Yes, this is actually true. I’ve submitted my entire existence to one room because negativity ruled over that room… so I just, without actually admitting anything, followed along. Yet they thought I admitted something! Nope, I opt out of other people’s negativity. My body just goes in a self-piloting mode where my higher self completely left the room. Try to convict my self, the higher self of something and we will ignore it… I have no memory of what happened that day… But that also says how rude people can get when they demean your intelligence.

I’ve seen black voids around strangers and some people I thought I knew. Those I completely avoid and I completely avoid the blackness of a darkened heart. Especially when the darkened heart is in a state I formally grew up in. So, believe me when I say I can feel other people’s negativity and I won’t have anything to do with it. This reminds me, ever see a black cloud over an entire neighborhood but when that person leaves it is like the black cloud lifts and the light shines through. Sad though, because the damage that person did to the entire community has already been done. That also comes to mind being in contact with a “sociopath Narcissistic being,” never confront them when they are attacking you because they will attack you even more. Those kinds of people will even get the community to turn against you in lies!! And then again at least when they left, that black cloud lifted, and it gave the community a little break. I have second handily seen that!! I am sure you might have too and we won’t go there. And that is why I stay quiet and stay to myself but even staying to myself, especially in a community of darkened hearts, they always go after the one who stays to themselves.

Shaking my Head!

I do think it is a gift and what I have tells the truth! It is the truth and you can think it as you want, but low and behold here we are today. My gift also works by seeing frequencies and the contempt on people’s faces. It… was… so… weird!

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