How are you going to be recognised as humble if you are born into the top 1% of wealth…

Article Written by Grace McAullay.

How are you going to be recognised as humble if you are born into the top 1% of wealth…

Every person has beauty. Every person has love in their hearts. Every person is born an empath.

Imagine being born into a place in this world where you have the responsibility of upholding a great amount of power. I would say some where born into a power imbalance but shouldn’t the other 99% of people hold the majority of power? Isn’t there a power imbalance we have, the 99%, defining the top 1% as people with nothing but people with hunger for money and greed when we forget that we are all born empaths. I can guarantee you there are people in the top 1% of wealth who want nothing but to be known as humble. Some of them most definitely are humble in nature, we are all only human.

Remember if you are born into the 99% of lesser wealth you are born into a class that actually holds 99% more power than the top 1% of wealth. Money doesn’t define who we are and what we stand for. Actually if we classify ourselves in percentages of what we stand for in this world we would be looking at a whole different set of numbers. There are the freedom fighters, the careless, the righteous, the completely ridiculous, the ones who have given in and the ones who will never give up. The list goes on and on and on.

Yes when we say the top 1% we are talking wealth only. However there are a lot of names that go with their wealth. We might call them psychopaths but is that not sociopathic to do so? Are we lacking some sort of understanding here? I see that dire desire to be recognised as humble.

Remember our conscious reality is what we create. Be careful with the words you choose, indeed they affect those you direct them at. Have hope, have understanding, learn every day, focus on the love in your heart and let it emanate into the collective consciousness.

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