If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss will suddenly gaze back.

If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss will suddenly gaze back. I’ve been meditating for 8 years (started in 2012); at first, it was difficult, but I trained myself through conflict, and meditation helped me see certain people differently. And through meditation, answers come, but questions continue to arise. One question that sticks out like a sore thumb needing to be nurtured is, “why do people act the way they do?” And so, ending the chatter. Have come to the conclusion that people act the way they do because they are confused about how they should live in the world. Everyone is in it for themselves always and endless seeking answers but never taking the time to question the reality of what they are seeking and why they are seeking it. In part, this has to do with our society and how it is being projected into our very lives. Government, politicians, the law, judicial, lawyers, business, corporations, and of course, how you view your neighbors. The ones you meet for the first time at face value all play’s a role in the making of you.

The face value of the truth, without actually getting to know anyone and claiming nothing or trusting no one. It is sad how we have come so far but afraid to open our doors to help our own kind the human race.

We have come so far in our journies but have too much to learn from each other.

I suggest to .you, those who read this, without a doubt question the very existence of society. Learn from your fellow humans today, tomorrow… and every day!

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