To Each Their Own is Your Faults! | Another Ted-talk!

I don’t think you’re at liberty to discuss with me what is more critical in connections. Due to the outcry of your current society and anyone who participates in society has a problem. The value of humanity does not come from how many hours you work. How many boyfriends or girlfriends you can have. How many kids you can make. How much money you make.

One may say “to each their own” but it is “to each their own” that really is the problem. Because everyone is endlessly caring for themselves and only themselves that it has become a mental illness. Society today has caused this illness, it is the illness that no one recognizes.

I think you need to have a long look in the mirror with yourself before you say work is essential, finding that boyfriend or girlfriend especially if they are an ex, the kids you make, nor how much money you bring home. You better look at yourself well and hard in the mirror to understand who you are!

Stop making excuses and ask yourself, are you doing what is right? Clearly, it is at this point I highly doubt you’re not doing anything right because you’re still part of society endlessly living for yourself. And you get into old habits easy because you are always about yourself. It doesn’t matter the job, the money, the boyfriend or girlfriend, the kids you make… No, if you don’t re-examine the way society is made or the way the current culture has raised you. You sir or ma’am will never change!

Let’s just say if you really did re-examine society or the culture you were raised in than perhaps the human connection such as a boyfriend/girlfriend and the making of kids came naturally. That part is about being human and then realizing that a job has no worth or value, the money is endlessly failing, and society itself is crumbling to the ground. Then I can say to you, “you’re at liberty to discuss with me what is more critical in connections.” Until then, you sir or ma’am will continue down the same path until you realize what you are doing and how society currently impacts your life.

I’m sorry to break this to you, but you currently have no “to each their own” at this point! Until you look at yourself re-examining every possibility that brought you this far in the so-called life you’re afraid to be in.

Don’t you lie to me or claim me to be something I am not when you have never lived in my shoes and thought what I thought. Still not getting me to participate in the ever so failing society! That is why I have sovereign immunity and how I know what is going to happen while you do not.

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