I Am Very Sick! | A Ted Talk | Justin A. Gamache, B.S. M.Ed.

(Intro: Hi, my name is Justin A. Gamache. I have an Associates in business admin, a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, and a Masters in Education. I am currently an Education Doctoral student, taking a semester off for health reasons. I am disabled though society sees me as an abled body willing to work. I have a prosthetic partial metal joint that is loosening and hurts every signal day, and I need major surgery to replace that joint with a full hip replacement, but my white blood cell count is too high for operation, and it makes me at-risk. You can’t see my disability, but it is there, and this limits my ability to do any work, it hurts every single day. I was born in a small North American town in Southern Vermont, I have lived all over New England, USA. And I have traveled from Maine to Florida. Hoping that someday I don’t have to worry about my disability problems and face the real issues of today with a different way of thinking to help the human race grow. I love music, I’ve taught music, and I play the clarinet. I am writing my dissertation on clarinet education, and right now, I am trying to live. I just want to be free financially from my student debt and the most essential part is to be only famous enough that people will listen to me, but keep the same loveable heart I have as a human being. My name is Justin A. Gamache, and this is me, this is my story!)

            I am sick y’all! Not in the sense that I am going to die, no that wouldn’t be very good. But in a sense that for some reason I believe that every human being would eventually wake up and start working together. People think I am funny because that is what I believe and they say it will never happen. They also say that they cannot, for some reason, out of nowhere see a world without money like I do and for that, I am very sick. I am nuts! That’s true! I am very sick, I am very nuts, I am also in fact very crazy. Never mind the fact that I went to college and graduated, acquired a lot of student debt, still acquiring student debt, have no job at the moment, but somehow I saved just enough money to get me where I want to go and do the things I want to do to. And when I say “I can see a world without money and that it is very true, that one day, the money will no longer exist,” I get the labeled look that I am very sick, nuts, crazy, and whatever else words that come out of people’s mouths.

            The world is not the problem of why humans just won’t see everyone working together, it is the concept at which the human mind makes society the most significant thing, and each country today has their own particular theory of how the world should work. While everyone is trying to change the world, they forget the underlying problem that needs to change for the world to change the way we want it to. The underlying problem is, we need to improve how society works, not the world because the world will always be there with or without culture. I don’t know if any of you agree on that point, but I accept and I agree with my heart & soul that what we do today doesn’t matter if we’re not willing to work together as a human race to solve our problems.

            How do we solve our social issues of today? After all, there are many issues, and many of these issues don’t allow the human race to flourish as it should, but perhaps it will enable nations to thrive independently and doing that will not make the world a better place. We first have to consider tearing down walls and borders between the communities of the world and start to build bridges between our human selves. We also have to admit that money will never get us anywhere after we waste all the resources, and only the thing left is the money that came from those resources. Are we going to have to eat money just to stay alive when we cannot grow food anymore because the soil is too sick to live on? Maybe the whole society concept we set up today is a ticking time clock just waiting to be set off, and when the clock has ticked down the last seconds that is it for the human race. And some guy or female will come down from the sky to save us all?

            I don’t believe we can solve our problems hiding behind some giant and beautiful wall or fence that cost a billion fake dollars just to make it. I don’t think that we can solve our problems with the same thinking used to create the issues of today. We have to evolve, but to what point will humanity finally say “holy shit, that man named Justin A. Gamache. With a few titles after his name, is actually right.” What if we want to see change, we have to work together, tear down walls, invisible borders, get rid of the monetary system and politics, and finally do something that would better the world in a conventional way for all humans.

            Here’s something I actually said, and it was freely published on the popular GT KOMBUCHA beverage; “In a world of diverse cultures, there comes the greatest thing in life” (2016). I was hoping that this quote would catch on by now, even know I consistently remind myself and my friends that there is still hope for us all. That one-day you will know my name as the man who warned the human race. But then I started to realize that everyone is not paying attention to the little things, the little people, the people who don’t have it all but try to make a small impact on the existence of human life. And that I am very sick for coming up with some nonsense that we all need to band together in creating thriving goals with our diverse cultures. But everyone is in it for themselves, too busy trying to fend for their lives, and have forgotten the most crucial human aspect in the existence of humanity. Everyone forgot how to communicate and not to say communication has evolved over the last years with the Internet and technology, but to say the least, people go to work, hardly spend time with their loved ones, sleep, and when it comes time for a get-together, they all get drunk. Getting drunk would be the only time the emerging of human thought and communication exists because they don’t have to remember the horrific pain of who they shared ideas and communication skills with.

            It is unfortunate where we are today, and that I am not the one who sick or nuts or crazy. No, I care very much for the well being of the human race. And maybe I cannot help everyone, but I can die trying to help those connect with our neighbors on a personal level. It starts by remembering that we are social creatures, not machines, and the whole idea of how we should connect with one another freely is how we can better the concept of society we’ve created today. The world wants to see the human race flourish, but at the point of survival today, the human race is a dying endless breed 7.5 billion strong.

            So, no, I am not the one who is sick. I am not crazy or nuts for seeing a world beyond the concepts of today’s society. In fact, those who think I am nuts are the ones who are nuts themselves. Those who think I am crazy are the ones who are mad themselves. And those who think I am sick, very sick, are the ones sick enough to wake up every morning not caring of where humanity is heading as long as they go to church, confess, pray, and believe that some random person is going to come down from the sky to save us all. Perhaps those people might not even believe in the church, confession, and prayer but believe in a system that is screwing over the human race one penny at a time. Who cares right? I am here to tell you that I care and I love every human being even know we have never met. One day we will meet, and you will see me during a Ted Talk giving this persuasive speech. And you’ll realize what I realize, or maybe you won’t realize anything at all. I don’t know, I can’t speak for you. But I can give something the concept of society needs, my heart!

I care, I love you, I am not sick or crazy, or even nuts. No, I am you. And for those who called me sick, mad, and nuts. You better take one look in the mirror and see who you’re calling sick, stupid, and nuts? Because we are all the same, my friend and one day were going to have to live together in peace than hiding behind some concept the human mind came up that we’re better going our independent ways. No, that is not true at all!

Because “In a world of diverse cultures, there comes the greatest things in life.”

Peace and love to all!

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