The Story of You!

What are you made of? Most people say there are people with advanced degrees in the area of the human body who have far more experience than I do to understand my body. But in the whole existence of you, who knows you more than you. Sure the doctors can run all the tests they want, and outline causes. But in the reality of you, there is only one person who should know you more than anything, you, however, not many people want to study themselves to discover who they are. Me, on the other hand, do the study of myself every single day.

You’ll get people who say we have doctors for that… sure! You can’t operate on yourself, well in some cases you can if it’s not severe. Other people will say you don’t have a right to learn about health, so stop posting health issues. As the information age continues on, the one we are in today, knowledge is free for all. Not just qualified for some who have advanced degrees. We are steadily moving towards that world where if you really want to know about you, you can, and there is no way to stop knowing about you because you are you.

I am probably the smartest person in the land of the south, in fact, I’ll take that. If there is a problem with my body I look into things, I’ll spend countless hours when I am not spending the other half of numerous hours on my dissertation researching who I am and what I am made of.
We are made of a series of complex mechanical functions of bones, nerves, muscles, blood (water), and cells. Our skin is the largest organ, and without it, everything would fall out. The skins protect us from all kinds of bacteria, virus, (infections) one cut can ruin it all. Then you have your second layer of protection, your immune system, which is continuously at work 24/7 to keep you up and going. Depending on the person, some have secure immune systems, and some don’t have reliable immune systems. Really depends on you and your life! Without our primary and secondary shields, we would die from every known disease and virus (washing your hands is the most common thing to do). Doctors have a set priority to view items at, they like you to be with their set range. Although in some cases, and I am not the only person who is above that range. Take, for instance, a person diet, if they are eating a plant-based diet can and will have a better immune system than most who are just on the Standard American Diet (SAD).

We live in a society where most people are afraid of knowing themselves, and all I am saying is don’t be (Don’t wait for God to give you the answers, you already have the answers). Learn about you! You have a brain, not just your doctors. It’s 50/50! Not 100% doctor all the time (you have to work together and agree), as a patient myself KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

And this is the world we are ever so working towards today… Wait until your medical information becomes part of the public domain, just like the very same data your government collects on you. They’ll be able to know you from behavioral issues, financial, housing, and whether or not you are on the go all the time. Straight down to the order of genes, cells, and DNA you are made of. They’ll know you and own you!

That last part is scary, and the advanced 1984 society grows more and more every day. Or like the science-based movie Gattaca where you’re only allowed a perfect job if you were built with superior functions. For now, let’s aim to a Star Trek world. Sounds far better than 1984 and Gattaca!

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