Justin A. Gamache is Running for President 2020!

I am running for US President in 2020…

The first order of business is to enact presidential order to end the collection of data on every US Citizen… Yes, that is right! I could at any time collect data on anyone for any reason, I am exploiting a company called White Pages who has an entire server full of data on 327.8 million Americans. Every American no matter your job is on there unless you have some kind of special exemption like celebrity status, but even then most celebrities are on there too.

Second-order of business and presidential order is to bring back full Net-Neutrality, all data is equal, and no one has a right to slow you down for any reason on the Net.

Third-order of business and Presidential Order is to ensure every American citizen is given Healthcare for life. We are living in a time when it shouldn’t cost you no more than it does to walk down the street. Healthcare will be free for all! No cost!

Fourth-order of business and presidential order will be to hold Wall Street accountable for their crimes against the American People.

Fifth-Order of business and Presidential order will be to enact the student loan forgiveness program for all current and past students.

Sixth-Order of business and Presidential Order will be to abolish private property for life. We are living in a time when private property has become a problem, we all live on the same planet, and all must share the costs of making the planet better.

Seventh-Order of business and Presidential Order Enact the VENUS PROJECT protocol. I suggest to each to seek and research what the VENUS PROJECT is and how this will affect our lives.

The direction, in few words, is:

1) We are an organization that focus its efforts to present this direction to people through the creation of educational materials: books, documentaries, events/talks and working with broadcaster to do so.

2) We work in holistic blue prints, like designing mass production systems of housing, transportation, cities, energy, distribution… we are now in the step to build the Center For Resource Management https://www.resourcebasedeconomy.org/center-for-resource-management/

3) And finally, the creation of the first experimental city, which will house engineers to evaluate the systems and will keep designing the global planned systems, and people training in media to show the validity of this direction to the world.

A total whole new infrastructure must being design. This is a technical organization, like NASA, and the way to achieve its goals is the same, ie a Scientific Process. That means educate, design, build, evaluate, until all the systems work properly and them design, build, evaluate, redesign… the machines that will produce and install massively all over the world.
Please see:

Eighth-Order of business and Presidential Order open our borders between Canada and Mexico and enact the North American Union. You will no longer need a passport or ID to travel across borders. We live on the same piece of land and we all must do our part to build a future together. Together we can grow the VENUS PROJECT! Just like there are no borders on the Internet, there are no borders in the world. Respect our neighbors.

Ninth-Order of business and Presidential Order All future presidents that reside this office after me must respect and continue to fulfill these orders as they do not expire. They are for life, these orders are the law of the land and cannot be removed by anyone or any congress.

Tenth-Order of business and Presidential Order All congressmen and women are allowed two terms 4 years each. The vote for congress will be made only by the American people, and those who wish to participate in this vote from Canada and Mexico may do so but must be registered to vote. Voting is a right for all, not just for the few.

There will be an adaptation to these ten orders and editing for future as time goes but will be set in stone as the election comes closer. Now is the time we stand up for all in the right to pursue happiness, justice, provide for the common welfare of the people and our neighbors close by, and build a bridge to our communities. Please write my name in for President 2020. Sincerely Yours, Justin A. Gamache, B.S., M.Ed.

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