Past, Present, Future: Which One Truly Exists?

A lot of people say you create your own reality. Well, that is partially true! While you may have a slim chance of creating your reality, you also have external forces that love to create the reality for you. These external forces are people that you meet; some of these people are people who don’t know you, hate you because you are you, and well the people who just want to force their life on yours. The people that don’t know you are okay, these are the ones that allow you to create your reality around them and vice versa (You create reality together). The people that hate are the ones who know you so well and know you are weak are really the ones who are determined; this is the way you are going to live. Lastly, the people that will force their will or their life upon you because you seem so innocent. Neither of these people is okay, but only one you may have success with creating your own reality.

No one knows what reality is, and some people think everyone has a past. I am here to tell you that is completely and utterly wrong. No one has a history, but those who say they have a past in their life are genuinely the ones who really do have a past. And those who have a past will always be the ones to support history. That is all they know and are frankly afraid of the present and future.

There is nothing that gets to the mind than telling someone that their past doesn’t exist while their future doesn’t exist either. The only thing that does exist is today, the present.

The past and future are just illusions… While the present, the only thing that truly exists is the only reality that truly matters.

You may think you know the past and are awaiting your future… But you are not getting to know your present, as it is right in front of you. Now is all that matters, and now is the only reality that indeed does exist.

Reality is just a concept made up in the human mind… It is an illusion that is easily made up. You cannot have a past because it doesn’t exist and you cannot have a future because it is yet to come… You are missing out on the prior existence of what is and all there will ever be. The present!

“You are always living somewhere that you aren’t. And while as I said it is for tremendous use for us. To be able to look ahead in this way and to plan. There is no use planning for a future which when you get to it and it becomes the present you won’t be there.”
-Alan Watts.

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