Men v. Women| The battle of within

I used to think it is tough for women in this society, they have a lot to live for and if you got the looks you’re in. But I see it is the other way around, men have the hardest of times. For a man it’s the battle of addictive behaviors like eating… I’m sure women have there battles to, but for men there are no answers. It’s okay for men to be overweight because they are the king, while women get to stay fit and healthy. Easy enough how we take to the point where women are allowed the healthy fit look and men no respect unless you’re a man in a fake magazine! It’s not okay and society at this point is still confused!! I’m literally at my point where I’m burning any identification that ties me to the society norms. Why should I as a man have to deal with such pressure? Don’t say man up because that’s not going to make society any better or my existence as a man better. Whatever happened to equality? Now it’s the miss classifications of identity and gender role from birth. WTF?


Men need help too!

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