I hope this helps, I am not a US citizen, but neither am I a citizen of any other country. So telling me to go back to where I came from is irrelevant because I came from Planet Earth. So, you are going to have to deal with me sooner or later. I’m not the one crazy, you are… so take it or leave it… I am sure you are all bugged eyed now trying to figure out this because it goes against your programmed belief system.

I am actually inhabited here in this body, this vessel, located in the FREE WILL ZONE of PLANET EARTH.

Your laws are very corrupt and dwindle the fire of your pure spirits calling. You judges, attorney’s, lawyers, public defenders, the judicial system, and police are not real. These individuals do not know who they work for and when questioned “who do you work for?” will not have an answer.
Your politicians are all fake. Your media tells all lies.

The only real thing is you, the human body, and that body is a vessel for who you truly are. But everything else is all false pretense set to give you an identity.

ID’s, driver’s licenses, social security cards, and I am sure there are many many more ways to identify you. Those license plates you put on your cars and the insurance you buy to protect those cars. These things are not there to protect your identity, they are their so free money can be written in thin air. That’s the way your system works!!

So, I am sorry if I do not claim an identity towards any country or state… That is not who I am and will not be who I am going to be. I will not be a peasant worker.

Time for you all to realize this because I am not going away… it is my ‘awareness’ who is speaking. Now listen up folks, remove yourself from the matrix before it is too late…

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