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When I was first starting off in school, they call it elementary. The teachers thought there was something terribly wrong with me. I just wouldn’t speak. I was shy, or there was something wrong. I had to go through testing and speech classes as if I was considered dumb. Those tests and speech classes were demeaning to my intelligence. IF THEY ONLY KNEW! BECAUSE. Umm, no, I just didn’t feel like talking. You know you can converse language without opening your mouth? It’s true! It’s called brainwaves, and we all have them. Though perhaps if someone did have a conversation with me using brainwaves in school, we would have a very intellectual conversation.

Of course, me conversing without speech was significant because someone along that line was communicating with me. YUP!

Call it what you want, but there is such a thing as an Indigo child. I had unique traits and qualities that were supernatural, everything I saw was classified as a crazy moment because people could not see the world through my eyes. You all know about my fifth-grade memory (story) in school when I saw my first supernatural ‘happening’ during a little league game. Well, I’m here to tell you they didn’t stop there. Because today I still see them… the slowing down of time, increased ‘awareness,’ invisible messages from the Universe, and amongst all the other things I have been through and seen. Yup! Crazy… But totally worth the experience.

In 2012 I had a massive supernatural happening where I could see the lies spew out of people’s mouths and the inconsiderate systems we have in place. That trait is still with me in 2019. YUP! So believe me when I say, I have seen some crazy things and been through a corrupt system.

Lessons I learned through all of this; there will be those who will always try to go against you to fit their lies in your mouths, don’t let them. Nothing they do will harm you. The system we have today is genuinely bankrupt and corrupted. No one knows the truth anymore, and those who speak the truth get shammed a liar. And those who lie all the time always win. You can change the world only by changing yourself, and the words you speak need to be authentic.

You are your first and only real friend.

People will blame things on you for things you never did and never participated in. Don’t worry, there, time will come! I have seen karma worked hard magic on a few people.Always act in love and light… if you want to practice grounding yourself grow and nurture a plant, a garden, walk barefoot on the Earth. Visit your metaphysical shop and find ways to heal and open those chakras.

Take it from my example of everything I have been through and the pre-existing medical condition that no one likes to hear about in this world because you have a right to healthcare without any costs. You certainly have the right to live, and you also have the right to be free from the corrupt system we have in place today. I’m a teacher; exclusively in music but not limited to that subject. I keep an open mind and will keep on living.

Peace out for the peace in!

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