A Message for Today

A Message for Today

Those of you who are awakening today will be taken up to a higher plane. Cells change and shift it is true. The body changes you feel it too. All in your time oh yes, we say, but there is a pattern to this in bringing to bear. The quakes and shifts that feel like the earthquake within you of the body. Many things such as weight gain and feeling disconnected in your way. Painful times it is so true, joints and bodily pains are your due. Mental anguish too. This is often the cells shifting in your way. In earlier days, it is true.

But this extends out longer and shorter for some of you. Just know it is a phase where your cells shift and change into crystalline today. We bring you up oh so high, you feel this oh yes you know in time. Feeling like you are floating away. Often this is where the cells change. Sometimes you can even pick the day where you know this came oh yes in your way. The cell structure is changing it is true. Deep inside of you is proof positive into a crystalline state we say.

Oh no, you will not turn into a selenite wand today. This is not the kind of crystal we speak of it is true. This is about how cells communicate and share information across the walls. Opening up until the light body, where all is one cell it is true. Not a million speaking in time. You become the light being shining so fine. This is the difference we say for it is about light transfer inside of yourselves today. This is what the crystalline state means we say. Opening up further to light. As you begin your ascension you are brought up high we say. Opened up into the light. It is true. A greater funnel on the top of you. Allowing light in yes, we say and then the transition happens and we bring you back down in your way.

Ad then you integrate. Often signs and messages will slow down too and many of these other things will no longer be is visible to you. And you will wonder “oh what do I do. It has all ended for me the magical part today. But no what this is is the ascension but one must come back down to use their cells of light body in the way of humans integrating from 5D to 3D and how we speak of it to you today. Feeling less often times of magical in your way, but much more integrated in a cellular way you feel it in your body so true.

Energy still comes in upgrades, but often it is integrated more smoothly. For the cell structure has shifted. Allowing the light to come in more smoothly. And during this time, what you have done too is work through blocks and past lives, things that have been difficult in this life we say. Working through them, you remember those times and they may not necessarily be done for you, but fewer they will be oh yes in your way. For you are now integrated more fully as a light body today. Cellular structure, crystalline too. This is what it means for you to become the higher self, living in human form it is true.

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