What is Honesty? Does Anyone Know?

What is honesty these days? Does anyone know?? I have a curiosity to why morality exists, and more in-depth to understanding where I currently stand in the world. It seems as if, to be honest, you should communicate in a way that would be considered truthfully. According to an actual dictionary, that’s right folks I’m going old school baby. Honesty is a quality… “they spoke very convincingly that they are afraid of something.” But to what point, if not any, does one deliver a solid state to any conversation?

If I say something, whether it is on Facebook or Twitter, or my website, how do you know I am telling the truth? What qualities in my word choices do you find, to be honest?

How do I be completely authentic in my words that describe what I am going through? Or how I feel at this given moment. I’m old school, and I like reading the dictionary, sometimes I go in-depth and read a music dictionary… I have both, and I use them equally.

When a person reads a statement or listens to a speech. How do you exactly know that person is telling the truth, in all their words? All the imaginary self-important presidents we have as leaders, what convinces you that that guy is the man for the job? Newspapers, media, social media. The information these days is like a hoe, it gets around from topic to topic. Remember, in grade school, when we played this game all sitting in a circle. And the teacher started a whisper, and when it got back to the last person, that person had to say what they heard after it got around? And yet, that person at the end couldn’t tell the truth because of other people’s voices and adding’s of their perspectives.

Information is like a hoe, it gets around in the dirtiest way.

For that very reason, we can no longer trust the words of a stranger without actually knowing the experience ourselves. Or actually listening to certain words that may have appeared real from that personal perception. And even the view of your given will gets confusing because that can be used against you in many ways.

The people in power use your perception every single day, it is sad that they would do that, but they do to get you to believe them. The government and the laws are so corrupt, everyone is afraid of what can happen to what will happen if you go against the government and the rules written. All I am saying is, as human beings, we strive for communication. If our leaders are communicating in a way they want you to follow them, there is no way that communication is the truth.

How do you know the people in power have an honest quality to them? How do you know I am telling the truth?

The truth is hard to find, but it out there.

I am not a government or a country, I do not belong to any state. But I am from planet earth as I speak! That right there is the truth… Please do not be deceived on what your leaders, media, and court system put in place. They are not there to protect you.

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