A Letter to Life Beyond Earth

Hi, I’m from Planet Earth! This may not be the most fabulous place to live, there are a lot of people with different beliefs. Those beliefs really do get people bogged down, I know it is sad. But in times of significant needs of change, these people or shall I call them out of respect ‘fellow humans’ really do have a heart when they are pointed in the direction of love and light. We really can be forced to change our lives when the circumstances are forced upon us to change.

Did you know that the names we call months are fictitious? True fact. What would we ever do if we didn’t have a false calendar, fictitious names of the days in a week, fictitious time to count down our lives with. Oh wait, I know the same thing we did before those things came to limit our time on earth. Just like the fictitious names, we call individual states and countries. All these fictitious names are meant to put a limit on our time on earth. A border to which we are from. But I am not from any state or country, and there is no holiday I need remembering, including birthdays. Every day is a holiday and every day is your birthday. You wake up every morning, and that requires no time or marking on a calendar to remember… You can celebrate your waking up every morning… That is one thing to look forward to and remember… wake up my beautiful human beings!! NOW IS THE TIME!

Come sit with me under the Bodhi Tree… 
Life is not a competition, but a beautiful game to play.

#Fact #Truth #Authenticity

A Message to Humanity

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