Remembering Every Memory since Birth | Justin A Gamache®, B.S., M.Ed.

Is it weird that I remember dreams I had 25 years ago… Or a simple conversation with someone that they thought I would forget… Or the fact that I remember everything from birth… I can say, nonetheless, that I remember every feeling. Every notion of insecurity. Every stupid young mistake. Every time I crash and burn while riding my bike, and every human experience that has ever happened… I have seen the dark night of the soul at which will not dictate to me what I can or cannot do. I have seen and heard things that are crazy enough better to be forgotten, but here I am telling you how much I remember them.

Maybe this isn’t weird at all because the light and the experience I have seen is almost calming. When I was in Fifth Grade, I experienced my first light experience and what seemed seconds for everyone else, was an entire month for me, all to come back to see I’ve caught the ball… (By the way, this was during a little league game) But I was just standing there, I was not jumping to catch anything. I have seen this same experience multiple times, and each time it was like a slowing down of time, where my ‘awareness’ left the body. It was really cool.

I have seen the disgruntled look on people’s faces along with the horrible energy that I have felt around them. I’ve even seen people as a black void in front of me as if they are truly evil. What lies I have heard and experiences from those lies where specific individuals try to be persuasive in making me the bad guy, all while making them the good.

The messages I’ve received are personal, but the experiences are very well publicized right in my view. Some say “life can bite you and you and have to change,” but me there is nothing to change. Not once will I ever have someone, in any circumstances, try to defame over some things that do not make sense? The burden of proof is lacking… This whole imaginary thing where a non-living, non-important, creation such as a state or country really discredits the value of the human worth. No fictitious name, such as state or country, can rise above any physical living being. And they (they meaning those who think they have power over you) know this but want to hide it from you!

I will confirm that the messages I have received over the last few years are calming to say the lease… The words come at a specific time, and my ‘awareness’ accepts them. At no point will my ‘awareness’ be a subject where any state, country, or any law rise above. That let said, let people be people. If there is no human robbing, raping, or killing another human. Let the people be the people… We’re all in this together, and no one is above anyone. A simple fact!!

I have been through every hypnosis experience and every guided meditation, and it all comes down to there is a reason why I remember everything… I may forgive, but will never forget. I will act peacefully, non-violently as I have done for 36 years. That’s my whole life… There is no proof that I would ever hurt a single soul in the existence of my life. There is also no proof where I will be lowered below a certain level of any state, country, or government when those states, country, and government are not real but a simple imaginary concept of the ego.

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