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Spirits came to me last night while my subconscious mind was absorbing the higher self-guided meditation | Hypnosis Meeting your higher self Video. At first, I was like what is that in front of me and reached for it. Then I was like oh hey, what’s up?

We’ve had a discussion about the current state we’re in, and if you do not believe it, this higher spirit showed me how likely it would be if everyone stopped to realize we can all work together. That there are no criminals or crooks, or rapists, and sick people in the world. The spirit went on saying we’re all given experience and what we experience in this world is nothing more than what we cannot handle. Some people’s experiences are weird, but for some reason, they were meant to experience whatever it is that comes into being in their life. There is no heaven, and there is no hell, there is no fear, and there is nothing you cannot handle.

The spirit then said: “Justin, you were brought here for one reason and one reason only. To communicate your being into the world, to deliver truth when it is needed and to guide the human race in the right path. What you are doing now, whether you are using the interconnections of the web is your tool and that you will continue to use it. You are a free spirit now, and it is your job to wake people up. What you have earned is only your higher self matching with your physical reality, those degrees are you in spirituality. You will have others in your life that will disrespect, say you have to earn respect to get respect, and even try and ignore as if you will go away. But you will not go away, you have a purpose don’t be afraid to use that purpose. The publishing of your quote was only the beginning, and the things you have experienced in this life are nothing more but the way to show how corruption works. There are corrupt people just like there are those who follow and support the words of the bible. These people, when they leave this world, will go towards the light because the light makes them feel comfortable. That light will bring you back into this world where you will start again. But you, Justin, your work now is setting you up for a brighter future into the next life where you will have unlimited freedom. You won’t go towards the light, and you will be set free from the current physical world you are in now. You are right Justin and people will soon realize this. Keep moving forward!”

The video I listened to last night is in this link:

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