Normal vs. Crazy People | Crazy vs. Normal People; Keep the system in check!

I hope this entangles your brain, but…

What if those who are sane are crazy, and those who are crazy are sane? There are no mental health problems in society because society creates its own mental health problems. You would think we have ordinary people taking care of crazy people. But it is actually crazy people taking care of ordinary, normal people. And the terms normal and crazy are so out of proportion. We have to have a “doctor” verify that you are sane these days so that you can be tried for the ungodly situation. But we all know the system trying you for something, whatever that is, is trying you for just being you, there is no normal and there is no crazy. There is only you, a human being caught in the middle of some BS you’ve been opting out of for the past years of your life.

All it takes is stepping back, stepping out of the matrix to realize what a load of doo society has become. How justice is actually corrupt because in the society we call today you are not innocent, you are guilty, and people are confused by their perception because there are others that tell you what to do. Unless you have actually left the matrix then you can say ‘no one tells me what to do’ but then look at yourself as you go back to your jobs… You’re still in the matrix. To be someone out of the box you have to quit everything and live like a Buddhist monk, right? No, you don’t have to live like a Monk but you do have to be different… aka quit your job and don’t be the subject society wants you to be.

Leaving the matrix is the greatest thing I have ever done and right now I am just an observer to all the things that have ever come into my sight. Society is confusing, don’t let society knock the life out of you. There are no problems other than what society makes. Don’t be afraid to say something that disrupts society or the current government in power. Be brave people, we’re more alike than you think and not an ounce of our blood is different, that is why you can put different types of blood together to make babies.

Normal people today don’t keep the crazy people in check, the crazy people keep the normal people in check. And so on., etc., etc., etc.!

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