Movies Are not an Awakening Away, An Awakening means Changing what you are and Moving through the Dark Nights that Impede your Soul!

Using a movie doesn’t count to compare to an awakening… the crazy part is, an awakening is meant to kick your ass and kick your ass again and again and again until you are forced to change and not be the subject of an old life that you have been asleep in. Every person’s awakening is different, and every person will see and hear things that no one else has ever seen before. Getting a new job or money doesn’t mean you had an awakening… A new job says you’re still asleep and working in the matrix. We’re not meant to have money in a 5D world, and the things we leave behind in the 3D concept world are intended to stay behind us. You are not separate from God, you are God, you are the perfect creator. Those you see God as a different being than themselves are not an awakened person, you cannot be separate. Society will break you from awakening, don’t let it break you. The world wants you to awaken from your deep slumber. We are all enlightened, and each person experiences are meant to be learning experiences, you were given precisely what you needed to do to be here no matter how tough it is. It is supposed to be messy, ugly, shattered, and raw. Embrace every moment in patience, the movies are not real… movies are the matrix. I quit my job in 2008-2009 after 10 years, and quit multiple jobs after that so I could concentrate on my education. I’ve had many experiences I cannot explain as I have grown up. Even as I returned for the 15-Year Reunion I had an experience standing on the float. You feel meant to be in some places and some places you will get a knowing you’re not supposed in. The important part is to stay grounded, being grounded is a good thing. You will often get messages from the Universe wanting you to do something, check the meanings of them, and you will see the path that is quickly coming to you. Don’t give up and be brave, don’t be afraid to share a little wisdom. As I have shared in the video link below

You will have people go against you during this time, go your own path, and you will be alright. I cannot stress enough that if you practice grounding and meditation, you will see the light within yourself. Do not let people use you or walk over. You are a brave soul!

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