Grounding For Ascension & Spiritual Development

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Grounding For Ascension & Spiritual Development // I share a helpful understanding of your lower chakras so you can have an easeful spiritual awakening without as many ascension symptoms. Here are my tips for grounding yourself! ➤ FREE Soul Embodiment Grounding Meditation: In this video, we’re talking about grounding and powerful grounding techniques. How does that correlate to ascension? How does grounding help you go up? I share WHY it’s important from a spiritual perspective. Isn’t being spiritual high and out there what it’s all about. I’m taking off my shoes for this video. I’m not just talking about Earthing, which has incredible health benefits but I want to share the real juicy stuff. The first thing to realize is the Hermetic teaching “as above so below”. We must realize that our bodies are spaceships, activated beings who are free energy devices. Our vessels are like Marvel superheroes once we learn how to use them. I understand life on Earth can be challenging which is why many people go OUT as a survival mechanism and many of us had starseed, off planet lives so we can have tendencies to connect with the “out there” energy. As high as we go up that we go equally down. We have more than 7 chakras that are above the crown and below the feet which is. part of our chakra system. We we neglect our lower chakras, we’re also neglecting the chakras that go down our legs and into the Earth. This is all a part of a prime energy system. One of the ways that we’re sourced is from above the head that come through to us from high spiritual realms and our higher selves, but we were designed to connect above and below so that we stabilize and anchoring energy from Earth. There is so much love and connection that is available to us from Gaia, from Earth that is an equally important thing to support us on our spiritual journey and throughout our spiritual awakening, and ascension process. Spiritual development happens through connecting with the root chakra, spiritual grounding, and in this video I share powerful grounding techniques, mindfulness, and starseed hacks to assist us as empaths and highly sensitive person (s) for healing, energy and to raise your vibration and frequency. So how are you grounding yourself and connecting with the chakra systems in an energetic and physical way? Other Helpful Videos: 14:35 HOW TO GROUND & CONNECT TO EARTH AS A STARSEED:… The most POWERFUL Ascension Technique That You Need To Know!… PREPARING YOUR VESSEL FOR ASCENSION I PHYSICAL DETOXIFICATION & TURNING ON ESP:… 5:18: Ancestral Empowerment Playlist:… 3 Hacks for Grounding Yourself: Most Powerful Grounding Techniques by Aaron Dougthy… On this channel I share info on personal development, the law of attraction, health, how to raise your frequency, balance, empowerment and spirituality.

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