You’re Not a Sinner & God Is Not Separate From You || Cosmic Truths That Liberate You

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Let these truths be your compass to liberation…I truly hope these cognitions can help free you as much as they did for me. Just remember: You are NOT a sinner and God is not Outside of you! THE ANSWERS ARE ALWAYS WITHIN. All my love and blessings to you ❤️🙏🏻 ———————————————————————————————- If my videos are helping you, you can share the love back and help support me at (also for exclusive videos and personal sessions! ^) Check out the most authentic yoga that changed my life: And Discover the guru that awakened me:… Nithyanandam in gratitude, Prasiddha Find me on social media! FB: kundaliniyoginiprasiddha (really appreciate reviews here!) Instagram: kundaliniyoginiprasiddha Twitter: Kundalini Yogini My Amazon Store:

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