The Journey Begins of An Authentic Life

Thanks for joining me!

I am deeply pleased that you are here, my name is Justin A. Gamache.  Here is to a brand new world of possibilities, to those that do not know me and have not read my bio. I am an educator of morals and music education, and (DeLand High Music Program) alumni to the DeLand High School Marching Bulldogs during the marching season and Wind Ensemble concert season class of 2002. My heart know’s were it truly belongs Go Bulldogs! Depending on the topic and I vary on different topics from time to time, try to remain an authentic person. Being authentic and original is all about this life, it is what makes it, and there are not many people out there who are authentic themselves. I guess you can say I earned my education by the work I put into it and have never harmed a single soul in the entire figure of my life. It is my job to inspire those I teach and future generation. With that being said, this site is going to be about me and what I find interesting in my eyes and the views I like to share; with this in mind I am just one human being who is living a life we all want to live. I am more concentrated on being than doing and that is all I need and following my dreams that will make history. You’re all welcome to join this journey, thank you for coming here.

Peace and love


Justin A. Gamache®, B.S., M.Ed.

U.C.C. 1-308

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